Membership & prices


As a member of GastroCrowd you will get access to a large network of chefs, culinary experts, scientists and business leaders. We offer three different membership solutions, designed for people in the food and restaurant industry. We are focused on creating a universe, where you're able to share your knowledge and ideas in a community with other passionate foodies. We strive to give you an experience, that's worth your while. Se the different membership solutions and price range down below. 

GastroCrowd V.I.P

Flex workspace at Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv/Food Innovation House

Participation in events by Fødevareklubben, Madværket og FIH

Usage of a product development kitchen, Taste Lab and studio 

Coaching in conceptualization and product developement

Member of Start Up Vejle 

1 x anual livestream 

1 x short SoMe video

1.900 DKK per month

*0 DKK in 2021

GastroCrowd Level B

Participation in 8 - 10 Gastrodays a year

Reception of digital learning materials  

Participation in a digital network

Participation in Food Travels (1 -2 per year)

Participation in a large community for Foodies 

575 DKK per month

*0 DKK in 2021

GastroCrowd Level C

Preperation of a professional and personal resume

Participation in events by Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv

First in first out seatings for competitions etc.

175 DKK per month

*0 DKK in 2021



Sign up for our amazing community of Foodies today and get the opportunity to share your passion with others. Our only criteria is, that you have to be passionate about exploring and developing your craft. 

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